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Mindless Tasks: Running Stitch Scarf

November 8, 2013

After doing something complicated or difficult or stressful, it’s necessary to take a break with something mindless. Especially now, when the days are short and cold, all I want to do is watch Netflix and shove carbs in my face. Here’s a mindless task to keep your hands busy and out of the box of Cheez-Its.

Running Stitch Scarf

  1. Find a cheap scarf and buy it. I found this one on sale for five bucks. It was too long and it had some tears in it, so I cut it apart and Steam-a-Seamed it back together into an infinity scarf (no sewing!). You don’t need to do that, but I thought I’d put that out there in case you find yourself in the same predicament.
  2. Cut lengths of embroidery floss that are a few inches longer than your scarf. I separated the lengths into three strands of floss.
  3. Make running stitches all the way around. I taped my starting ends down so I could just tie the floss together when the ends met back up again. If you’re not working into an infinity scarf, you’ll have to tie knots at start and finish.
  4. Make sure to check that everything is flush as you’re going, so you don’t end up with bunches in your scarf.

Running Stitch Scarf

I used the weave of the fabric as a guide to try and keep everything relatively straight. There were times when I was paying more attention to the TV than my work and the rows got out of control – but that’s okay! It looks just as nice when it’s imperfect, and nobody will be able to tell when you’re wearing it, anyway.

Running Stitch Scarf

That’s it! I think I saved saved myself about three thousand calories making this. And I ended up with a pretty new accessory rather than a gut full of guilt. Yay! Here it is in action:

Running Stitch Scarf

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  1. Sonia Rucker permalink
    November 8, 2013 3:31 pm

    Olá! O diferencial é tudo. Sonia.

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