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Giving Thanks with Turkey-Shaped Cheese

November 30, 2012

turkey cheese ball at speckless

So my contribution to Thanksgiving this year was a cheese ball. I knew I wanted to make it special, and my first thought was to make it turkey-shaped. Then I thought it might be better to simplify things . . . a Pilgrim hat? A pumpkin? And then without even looking for cheese balls or turkey-shaped anything, I saw this on Pinterest, and our little friend here was hatched!

I really didn’t want to wrestle with a Slim-Jim, so I made the head out of cheese, too.

PS: I do know this is technically a rooster – turkeys don’t have that head flapper thing – but I thought he needed some extra style in the face region.

PPS: Put some Liquid Smoke in your next cheese ball. You won’t regret it.

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4 Comments leave one →
  1. November 30, 2012 3:59 pm

    cool I love that idea! x

  2. Angel permalink
    December 3, 2012 10:39 pm

    Very cute indeed.

  3. December 4, 2012 6:05 am

    Ahaha this is so funny and cute – I laughed out loud :) Nice work there with the turkey!

    • December 4, 2012 7:05 am

      Thanks! Maybe I’ll do a tree-shaped one for Christmas?

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