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Chai Waste Your Time?

October 12, 2011

. . . You know you’re gonna be mine, you know you’re gonna be mine.


Ahem. Sorry. Old inside joke from my days at the Co-op. So, onto Autumn Goal Numero Uno: make chai. I mostly followed the recipe verbatim, but I just made the concentrate (no milk) so I could keep it in the fridge longer and so I could froth milk for chai lattes.

chai spices

These are the spices I used, plus peppercorns and a bit of sugar. I doubled the recipe and steeped the spices for 20 minutes, tea for 10. It turned out pretty good, but I would like it to be stronger (note to self for next time). I use almond milk, so I frothed that with some maple syrup as I didn’t add very much sugar to the chai.


(It’s getting more and more difficult to take good photos after work. Terrible light in our house. Bah.)

Oh, here’s how I froth my almond milk:


This thing is amazing. I bought it last year, and it was so cheap that I was positive it wouldn’t work, but it do-o-oes. I’ve frothed dairy, soy, and almond milk with great success. In conclusion, this chai is good, but I’ll spice it up more next time. And maybe add some vanilla bean. mmmm, vanilla bean

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