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Enter: The Flower Loom

April 13, 2011


This site and contents now live at

Hope to see you there,


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  1. April 14, 2011 11:43 pm

    I love that daisy headband! What a great idea! I’ve never used a flower loom but would love to try one out.


    • April 15, 2011 8:45 am

      Thanks, Melissa! It’s definitely worth a try. If you don’t feel like investing in a loom, the web page link I provided has some instructions to make one yourself–some of them look pretty easy.

  2. April 18, 2011 11:22 am

    what an interesting texture with the addition of the loomed flowers. so pretty!

    • April 18, 2011 12:28 pm

      Thanks, Michele (and thanks for stopping by)!

  3. June 28, 2011 6:29 am

    i love your idea. very pretty and thank you for the smart links you have given us.
    i will look to the others as well.
    we called this in dutch tenerife .
    it was from metal and with a mechanic inside you could swicht the legs in and outside the circle tool.
    my mum has lost it, but making one your self is a great idea as well;-D
    so i’m very greatful ;-D

    • June 28, 2011 8:28 am

      Thanks! If you end up making one , I’d love to see it or any projects made with it!

  4. Rachelle permalink
    February 15, 2012 3:54 pm

    i got the hana ami clover loom and i really like it,except I’m having trouble darning the center. Is anyone else having the same trouble. Any tips?

    • February 15, 2012 5:34 pm

      I find this part to be one of the most awkward. I usually make two passes, darning around in a circle twice. I still need to figure out how to make the back look pretty.

    • February 15, 2012 5:39 pm

      Oh, also — I don’t remember what the links and loom instructions say, but I darn the whole diameter. This is hard to explain: I bring the needle up through a petal, and down through its opposite petal (not down through the middle). Basically, like making wheel spokes all the way around (twice).


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