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Review: Puffy Pouch Sewing Pattern

December 3, 2010

puffy pouch

This is a free pattern from Pink Penguin that can be found here. All in all, this turned out pretty good. The snags I encountered were most likely a result of my inexperience, and I plan on making another puffy pouch in the future. I had a little trouble with the whole concept of “boxing the corners” and wished I had researched it a bit before I started, so here are some links: tutorial by Craft Apple, tutorial by Lazy Girl Designs

puffy pouch

I definitely recommend boxing the corners of the exterior fabric as well as the lining fabric. I couldn’t find a flex frame in a snap, so I used some velcro I had on hand (in the future, I’ll seek out a flex frame — I hate sewing velcro). I attached some ribbon between the velcro and the pouch to make life easier when opening it. Look at the pleats — love ’em! Now, on to the snafus . . .

puffy pouch

When I got to the end of the pattern — the part where you attach the lining — the pouch wouldn’t fit into/onto/around the sewing machine just right (the pouch is so small!), so I had to sew it on by hand. Ach! However, this is too cute not to make again. Next time, I’ll just make it bigger!

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